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Boundaries are
not a limitation

Imagine that there are no boundaries between different techniques or these limits are so fuzzy that the solutions used in one field of technology work perfectly well in another.

Blocks to puzzle

The combination of mechanical engineering, automation and IT gives great opportunities to realize unconventional ideas. At the same time, it allows you to get an unlimited number of blocks, which later can participate in creating a larger puzzle.

Various techniques

The guiding philosophy of this website is to create innovative solutions based on the mixing of: Mechanics, CAD, Microcontrollers, Various types of Programming, PLC, Vision systems, HMI/Scada and Cloud systems.

Known and used
technologies / software:
CAD: Inventor, Autocad, Solidworks
IT: .NET (C#, VB, ASP),
MSSQL, Visual Studio
MCU: Arduino, ATMega
PLC: TIA Portal, EasySoft
HMI/Scada: InTouch, WinCC
Vision: IVC Studio
OPC: KEPServerEx

From Idea to Product

Sometimes it happens that the prototype created from the idea is so polished that it can become a product and live its own life.